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Reaching Others For Christ

Mission Support Network exists to disciple nations according to Matthew 28:18-20 and it all starts with reaching out to others.

Monthly Outreaches

We currently have outreaches monthly and have seen thousands come to using one of the most useful tools ever created, The Jesus Film. Providing fuel, transportation, new equipment, and maintenance means many more individuals not only hear the gospel but experience God's Kingdom. New converts are placed in existing churches or a church, or discipleship group is established.

"I will never forget this Jesus film.  I have a small store which is located by the field.  The day of the film, I saw a lot of people in the field and thought to myself, “I am going to sell a lot of items from my store tonight.”  I was happy thinking of the money I would make but never imagined that my true happiness would come from Jesus, knowing that He is Lord of my life. In truth, I had problems both in my business and in my home.  Worst of all, there was a deep emptiness in my heart.  But Jesus fixed everything that evening. I never dreamed that through a simple movie God could save me. Today I am firmly rooted in Christ.  Glory to God!  “Thank you, Lord, for changing my life.” 

This testimony is one of the hundreds coming from these monthly outreaches. Your partnership will result in many people coming to Christ. Thank you.

School Outreaches

God has opened a door for us to go to the school in Northern Ghana and distribute English Bibles. Bibles give the students an opportunity to practice their English and discover God's word. Many children are coming to Christ as a result of this monthly outreach. We need more Bibles and funds for soccer balls. If you are interested in sponsoring this outreach or helping in any way, please contact us or donate and specify school outreach.

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