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Purchase of these books supports the ongoing work of Mission Support Network in the nations. Thank you for your donations.

Freedom, Healing & Deliverance

A Practical Guide For Setting Others Free By Stuart Greer

Are you tired of watching the ones you love, or yourself, living without the abundant life without the freedom Christ promised? You may be missing a vital key to the freedom given by Jesus, deliverance. This book is designed to equip you to help others, or yourself gain freedom in the name of Jesus Christ! Learn how to walk in your authority and set others free in Jesus name with this easy to use comprehensive guide.

Your donation of 
$20 plus $4.95 shipping and handling helps support the ongoing ministry of deliverance prayer. Find out more about the deliverance ministry at  We do not ship outside the U.S. This book is also available on Amazon Kindle.

A Quick Guide To Dream Interpretation

By Cathy Greer

Did you receive a dream from God? Do you want to know what God is saying to you? Dreams from God are precious. They are the pursuit of our loving heavenly Father and his desire to communicate with us. You can gain understanding about your dream and quickly learn how to interpret them in this quick, practical guide to dreams. Discover the biblical foundations for dreams. How to discern the source of your dreams. Easy steps to interpreting your dreams and a dictionary of dreams symbols. You are sure to refer to again and again this quick and simple guide. Your suggested donation of $12 is tax-deductible plus $2.95 and goes towards the work of this ministry.

Welcome To Prophetic Ministry

A Practical Interactive Guide To Hearing God’s Voice For Yourself And Others By Cathy Greer

Do you desire the gift of prophecy? Or do you desire to grow in your prophetic gifts? God wants to speak to you and through you. You will enjoy the devotional style of this book, the many activation exercises, and inspirational testimonies. Your donation of $10 plus shipping plus $2.95 helps supports the ongoing ministry of Mission Support Network.

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